Monday, August 14, 2006

angel death

Raglan Road to Raglan Lane
in the gentle rain


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Alan.

Mon Aug 14, 03:49:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Alan Summers said...

Thanks aurora, you must have some of the Irish in you.

Now if I could transport all of you over to Bradford-on-Avon for our Irish Night! ;-)
Irish Night at The George

Raglan Road poem

Raglan Lane is Brendan Kennelly's reply.
Brendan Kennelly

Mon Aug 14, 05:49:00 pm GMT  
Blogger laryalee said...

Hi Alan,
thanks for those I understand your "angel death" title...and the meaning of your haiku. I LOVE that photo!


Mon Aug 14, 06:52:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Alan Summers said...

Thanks Lary,

A very sad poem, but voted 5th most popular poem in Eire.

I'm lucky that Brendan Kennelly is coming to the Bristol Poetry Festival so maybe he'll read both, or at least Raglan Lane!

The photo is amazing. I didn't know Karen's hair was like that when I took the photo, at Holt National Trust, and was stunned when I saw the photos. I absolutely adore it.

Tue Aug 15, 02:02:00 pm GMT  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Wed Aug 16, 04:26:00 am GMT  

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