Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August heatwave --
in the shade
of an American Elm


Blogger david giacalone said...

I kept waiting for someone else to post first. Despite that time stamp, it was Aug. 1, 12:40 AM, GMT, when I hit the Publish button.

by August sweat -- you can't see
autumn from here

Tue Aug 01, 12:53:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not even day one, and there you go breaking the rules, David. :)

Tue Aug 01, 02:21:00 am GMT  
Blogger david giacalone said...

Thanks for rubbing it in, AA. I just might have to put you on the stand as a hostile witness. There's no smiley-face defense in my courthouse.

Maybe we can get Gerald to switch the weblog time stamp to GMT, so I won't look like a scofflaw.

Tue Aug 01, 03:46:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gerald seems nice, so he probably would. However, I wouldn't ask Andrew - he has shifty eyes and doesn't seem as friendly.:)

Tue Aug 01, 03:59:00 am GMT  
Blogger Gerald England said...

Perhaps you looked by British Time and didn't realise we are on BST, an hour ahead of GMT.

I can only delete posts, not edit them so cannot alter the time-stamp -- David could do it himself though -- but what the eck.

Posters can indeed edit their own pieces, but this is probably best left as is now -- 7.15 am here and waiting for the first post.

There'll be a flood soon -- especially with all the rain now the heatwave is over.

Tue Aug 01, 07:26:00 am GMT  
Blogger Gerald England said...


Re-reading the above comments -- the time is set when you start to compose a post, NOT when you "push the button". Before publishing a post you can alter the time-stamp on the post.

So what you *could* have done would be to pre-set the time-stamp to after midnight and then you could have published it before midnight and it would have been fine.

No-one would usually notice this unless someone made a quick comment in which case it might look that someone had commented before the post was made.

All these things are the whys and wayfors of the peculiar blogger setup which we learn about as we go along.

must stop rambling -- not had my morning cuppa yet.

Tue Aug 01, 07:35:00 am GMT  
Blogger david giacalone said...

Gerald, Thank you for the editing-coverup tip. In more than three years as a daily weblogger, I have never "tampered" with a time stamp before -- but, this is a good cause.

Like you, I'm hoping to see a flood of haiku soon joining my humble offering. On the other hand, it is far too hot in Schenectady, NY, and the entire Northeast USA for literary effort.

p.s. I originally used the Greenwich Mean Time clock on the Falling Leaves homepage as my time guide.

Tue Aug 01, 01:49:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Gerald England said...

Actually, that's why I put the clock there.

Anyway we've all learnt something today even if it is only how to fiddle with time.

Einstein where are you?

I'll leave all these comments alone for now, but will probably delete them in a few days time as they'll only confuse later readers.

Tue Aug 01, 02:32:00 pm GMT  
Blogger david giacalone said...

Gerald, Weblog comment sections are all about learning from each other and -- when appropriate or necessary -- making corrections and changes. I wouldn't worry about confusing future readers. The unfolding events are not difficult to discern, and haiku writers and readers can surely deal with the uncertainty, while perhaps learning a bit (as I did) about virtual time and weblog formatting.

Tue Aug 01, 04:18:00 pm GMT  
Blogger laryalee said...

Oh yes, this is a fascinating thread...I hope you keep it!
I never paid attention to the time stamp before!
And a fine haiku, David...I've been following the news about the heat wave in the east...how awful!

Take heart, autumn is coming...


Tue Aug 01, 09:22:00 pm GMT  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I saw that, Aurora! :)

Wed Aug 02, 03:05:00 am GMT  

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