Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another Autumn Night

Another Autumn Night

There were no stars; no moonlight in the sky, just a chilly cold breeze slapped my face. Leaves were spreading everywhere on the sidewalk ground. It was after Halloween party. I have to say goodbye to my friends. I went on the bus and the radio was playing my favorite songs. So while on the road, I was bouncing my head and singing to myself.

When I got home, I kept thinking those great nights were best nights of my life. Because I smiled and laugh, bringing wonderful memories to my bedroom.


He laughs
In the chilly wind
My little humor?..

On the road
I watched the headlights
Reaching home

After party
I?m changing the
Time to darkness
©2006 Kai Croft


Blogger Alan Summers said...

Really liked those haiku!

Even the typo in the 3rd haiku seems to be really effective too. I don't know if it was deliberate, but I like the cheekiness of a question mark in the middle so it's I?m instead of I'm! If you don't have a copyright on it, I might borrow it?! ;-)

Mon Oct 30, 08:34:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Poetry by Kai said...

i forgot to erase the question mark....

thank u

& thanks for your comment on my butterfly....


Tue Oct 31, 03:44:00 am GMT  

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