Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't Look Now

rain-soaked leaves...
my red waterproof straining
to live up to its name


Blogger Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Great haiku! I enjoyed it!

Wed Aug 23, 05:33:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Gerald England said...

Hi Alan

It was warm earlier today and I actually did a bit of weeding in the warmth. Then it slowly went all dark and the thunder came and with it the rain bouncing off the flagstones. I tried to photograph it but the camera either focussed on the drops on the windowpane or it just looked like scratches so fast was it falling.

But you've captured it here.

Wed Aug 23, 07:23:00 pm GMT  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Very nice!

Thu Aug 24, 01:17:00 am GMT  
Blogger Alan Summers said...

Thanks for the comments!

The first 'mini-flashflood' caught me in Bradford on Avon and it was magical with that rain bouncing off the flagstones and the bridge was covered in a kind of halo effect from the rain hammering down and bouncing up and caught in the light.

I think we will remember these images longer having not captured them by a camera though. ;-)

Thu Aug 24, 04:33:00 pm GMT  
Blogger laryalee said...

A clear view, Alan....and the wetness really comes through!

Sun Aug 27, 01:28:00 am GMT  

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