Monday, August 07, 2006

Guardian Culture Vulture Site of the Week

Fallings Leaves has been declared Site of the Week by the Guardian Culture Vulture , Michelle Pauli who says

It may still be only the beginning of August but the haiku world is turning its seasonal eye towards autumn (arguably a far more satisfying time of year for your average melancholy scribe than that brash, bouncy, extrovert summer). Now, as all followers of our weekly topical haiku competition know - and ignore - haiku traditionally contains a "kigo", or season word, but this blog collection, Falling Leaves, is entirely dedicated to autumn. It is part of a series which traces the seasons as they unfold and follows the spring and summer collections. The principle is simple - you can read the haiku on the blog and post comments, or register with Blogger in order to contribute your own autumnal haiku. ... Reassuringly for haiku novices tempted to contribute, the founder of the blog is adamant that there are no "absolute absolutes" in haiku. You also have until October 30, if it still feels just a little too premature for musing on mulched leaves and conker fights.


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Blogger Poetry by Kai said...

i am enjoying myself.

thank u so much for inviting me.

Mon Aug 07, 11:45:00 pm GMT  
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