Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A short haibun

It had been a warm sunny day after a few dull cloudy ones. I'd been out to the shops in the morning and spent the afternoon pottering about doing a few household chores.

After tea I noticed the magpie again. It was on the driveway, looking around. It waddles up towards the rose tree which has a number of hips visible among the branches. It turns towards the lawn, crosses the footpath and on to the lawn. It looks at the willow tree but then walks across to the hedge.

I spend some time on the computer. Around 8pm I remember that I've not yet put the wheelie-bin out for the binmen who come tomorrow. I look out to see that it is now pouring down with rain. I gather up the household rubbish into plastic bags and put them by the front door.

Shortly after 10pm, I see the rain has eased off. I slip a coat on, gather up the bags, take them to the bin which I then wheel to the end of the drive.

in the dark
crunch and crack of snails
under my boot

Didn't see them guv', honest.

In the dim light I could see a dozen or more objects across the driveway. Rosehips dropped by the magpie I surmised.

Only the cold light of day confirms.


Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

That was a great piece of writing. It got my attention at the beginning and didn't let me go until it was finished!

Thu Aug 10, 05:31:00 am GMT  
Blogger laryalee said...

Gerald, this is delightful!
I especially love those wonderful British
expressions..."pottering about", putting the
"wheelie-bin out for the binmen", and of
course, my favorite --
"Didn't see them guv', honest."
Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your day and your magpie!

P.S. I do notice a couple of tense changes...
perhaps they slipped in?

Sat Aug 12, 05:04:00 am GMT  
Blogger Gerald England said...

You are right about the tense changes.

This is what comes of posting a first draft quickly.

When I possibly submit it to a printed journal I shall likely drop the first paragraph altogether.

Sat Aug 12, 07:15:00 am GMT  

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