Tuesday, October 31, 2006

falling in love

falling in love
with the autumn leaves,
watching them drop,
leaving me, yet again,
to face winter alone


Blogger Deborah P Kolodji said...

Andrew -

Even though we really don't have winters here, I enjoyed this one.

Wed Nov 01, 05:38:00 am GMT  
Blogger Yansidara said...

Andrew, I hope you get this comment. Your poem is from last October. I had not visited the site for a long time, went in today, and found your poem. I did not know it was yours until I had alredy fallen for it. Beautiful work! I simply love it!

Thu Apr 26, 06:02:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Art and Poetry said...

This is very nice!

Wed Aug 20, 07:45:00 pm GMT  
Blogger marty45 said...

I'm also a fan"falling in love" says so much

Tue May 04, 05:47:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Ed Pilolla said...


Fri Sep 02, 06:30:00 pm GMT  

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