Sunday, September 17, 2006

birdshit the colour
of elderberries

Little Onion


Blogger Jim Tantillo said...

good one...

Sun Sep 17, 12:08:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Little Onion said...

thanks jim - of course i really shouldn't have mid-september and the elderberry reference together - the elderberry 'birdshit' is kigo enough - leaving me with the space to do something more interesting with line one - the birds are going wild for the elderberries - the trees have provided a bumper crop - all along the hedge rows - good year for blackberries too here

all that's best


Sun Sep 17, 10:25:00 pm GMT  
Blogger shanna baldwin-moore.... hawaiian haiku said...

good haiku reminds me...we had some ducks and they would eat all the huckleberrys we would pick in a big wash tub... and there was a mirror on the sidewalk by the wash house they would sit in front of that mirror all day and made our side walk the prettiest color of purple it never went away..

Tue Sep 19, 07:15:00 pm GMT  
Blogger sangeet said...

I like this :)

Tue Sep 19, 09:20:00 pm GMT  
Blogger laryalee said...

Thanks for the laugh, LO!
Good to see you again...


Tue Sep 19, 10:10:00 pm GMT  

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